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Who I help

 I specialize in assisting and advocating for individuals and couples in or near retirement. 

I help find affordable coverage for folks on a fixed income. For most their only income is what they receive from either their social security or disability benefits. 

I help people with pre-existing health conditions find coverage after they were either denied by other companies or were approved for expensive premiums that were not feasible with their limited income. 

I help people find coverage that doesn't have a waiting period before it will pay out the full benefit amount of the policy. I don't think a person should have to wait for their life insurance to "kick in" after 2-3 years of already paying premiums unless that is their absolute last possible option available... and it rarely is.

I review current policies for non-clients to make sure they are not being scammed or getting taken advantage of.  I make sure original agent they dealt with had the clients best interest in mind and provided them with a quality policy and will actually pay their family when they die. 

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How I help

I typically work in western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota but I am a licensed agent in every state I have clients in.  As an agent I operate independently and am not under contract to work with one specific insurance company.  Instead I have the ability to access many of the highest rated and most affordable companies in the life insurance industry.  I am what many people would call a "broker" or a fancier term would be a "state licensed field underwriter."  
This benefits my clients because once I know your unique medical and financial situation we can then find the best company to get the most coverage at the lowest possible premium.  Rarely is the first company a person applies with on their own going to be the best fit for them.  It's like if you went shopping for a new truck but once you got to the dealership all they had were sedans. Many of those sedans might be great vehicles but aren't the best fit for you cause you're looking for a truck. 
Once we find the best you the best coverage our relationship doesn't stop there. After we get you approved I am then your personal agent. I assist all my clients with all their life insurance needs. From simple policy maintenance and changes to assisting your family with the death claim once you have passed.  I do my best to provide that personalized care and attention to detail that you won't get from buying your insurance online or through the mail.

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Why I chose Life Insurance

Losing a loved one can literally be the worst day of a persons life. The emotional burden is something we can usually do nothing to prepare for but we can remove the financial burden from becoming our families responsibility.  Taking the time to put life insurance in place can remove an immeasurable amount of stress and heartache from our loved ones.

Unfortunately our family has experienced how difficult and financially debilitating it can be to lose a loved one and then be responsible for the burden of paying for their final expenses because they did not have life insurance.  We have also lost loved ones who thankfully did have life insurance and we have seen how much heartache and stress it can remove while you're grieving their loss.  No family should have to endure that financial hardship if they don't have to.   Thats why I do what I do for our communities.

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