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Answers to common questions

What are your credentials?

I am currently licensed in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Arizona. To inquire about my standing in each state you can simply call the Department of Commerce in the respective state and give them my National Producer Number. My NPN# is 19546051.
I operate as an incorporated business registered in the state of Minnesota.
I am also a proud member of the Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Do you have a brick and mortar office I can visit?

As a small business owner I do not have a commercial storefront location. I work out of the office in my home in Fergus Falls. By not having a brick and mortar office I can keep my operating costs down significantly. This allows all my consultations and policy reviews to remain free of charge. This also saves my clients time and money because I meet with them in the comfort of their own home.

Can I have you review my current policy even though I didn't get the coverage through you?

I do free policy reviews for anyone who is interested. Life changes and so do our life insurance needs. Having your policy reviewed can keep you from unexpectedly having your policy increase in price or even cancel on you.

Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

Absolutely! I'm happy to sit and answer any questions you may have about getting coverage through myself or answering questions on a policy you currently have through another agent or company.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

When a loved on dies there are 2 burdens. One is emotional and the other is the financial. Many times no matter how well we plan it's hard to deal with the emotional part of death. But the financial side can be taken care of so your family isn't left mourning your loss while also scrambling to come up with the money for your final expenses.

Is my accidental death policy life insurance?

It it life insurance in the fact that it is insuring  your life.  But it's not a policy that you can count on being there for your final expenses.  Statisticly it is very improbable that anybody will actually die from an accident or accident related injuries. Most of the general population dies from natural causes so having a policy in place that covers more then just an accidental death is HIGHLY recommended.

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